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Help us raise funds while having a little fun...

We have several entertaining events and great fundraisers throughout the year that help us bring in money to support our programs. Scroll down or click the links on the left to to see a sampling of past events!

Support Our Programs: Support our Kids

get involved 

Are you a parent?

Consider joining our Northstar Parent Production Group (NPPG)! We are always looking for new, creative minds to help organize our fundraisers and volunteer at our events.

Star Wall
Star wall sample star.jpg
Be a star forever on our NorthSTAR WALL


You’ve made your mark on stage or behind the scenes, now leave your mark on the hallowed halls of Westhill — the auditorium’s NorthSTAR WALL, to be precise! Buy a star for yourself, your child, or even a fellow Northstar.

Stars are made of gold acrylic, are engraved with your own, personal message and will permanently reside on the entrance wall of Westhill’s auditorium,

to be seen and enjoyed for years to come.

Join us for the NorthSTAR WALL Reveal Mocktail Party

Saturday, November 30, 2020 • 5:30pm-6:30pm

Westhill High School Lower Lobby Please RSVP when purchasing your star.

Stars can be purchased year-round, but to get your personalized star up in time for the Reveal, be sure to finalize your purchase by November 14, 2020.

Diner Night
Program ads
Program Book Ads

Want to salute a performer, techie, artist, teacher, parent or even the whole club?  How about just getting your business recognized by a great audience?


Ads in any one of our program books throughout the year is a great way to support our productions.  And if it can also get your business recognized?  Or wish someone to "break a leg?"  Well, then it's a win-win!

To place an ad in The Mystery of Edwin Drood program, please contact Nancy at


Ads must be booked by APRIL 20TH, 2022



drood 2.jpeg

On February 24, the Northstar Playmakers will be holding our own single day of fundraising— Northstar Donation Day!* 


Please consider helping us reach our goal of $7,500 by giving whatever you can on Northstar Donation Day.  


To the right you will see a sampling of just how your donations help support Westhill High School’s award-winning theater program. It is through your donations that students are able to participate in a myriad of theater productions, many with professional sound, lighting and set design and led by industry professionals. Through these productions, as well as FREE  theater workshops and improv classes throughout the year, our students forge unlikely friendships, overcome anxiety, and gain a variety of skills ranging from projecting their voices to programming a lighting board!


Our programs really do rely on YOUR support! We thank you in advance and look forward to reaching our goal with you on February 24!


* in lieu of Fairfield County Giving Day


Donations of every level help!

$10 buys snacks for a rehearsal

$20 feeds one student for all of Tech Week

$35 allows one student to participate in the fall drama

$50 buys two sheets of set building plywood 

$75 pays the participation fee for one student to be on the musical’s tech crew 

$100 means one student can participate as a cast member in the spring musical

$150 covers the costs for one student to participate in our CDA production

$250 rents about five costumes for a production

$500 buys props for the spring musical

$1,000 gets us in step with a choreographer for the spring musical

$1,500 pays a professional lighting designer for the spring musical

$2,500 covers the cost of a professional sound designer for the spring musical

$5,000 is the director fee for the spring musical

$10,000 buys our undying love, gratitude and devotion!


Want extra incentive to give BIG?

Donors of $500+    will receive 2 free tickets to Carrie

Donors of $1,000+  will receive the above plus a 12” star on our NorthSTAR Wall

Donors of $5,000+  will receive the above plus the option to have some

Northstars perform at a local event of their choice.


BONUS FOR THE STUDENTS: If we gross $7,500+ in donations on February 24, we will celebrate by throwing a pizza and ice cream party for our Northstars!


Inspired by Carrie: 20% of net proceeds raised on Donation Day will be 

donated to anti-bullying and mental health awareness efforts that Northstars and the NPPG will be instituting at Westhill and throughout Stamford.

Donation Day

Join the NPPG mailing list

Get updates about upcoming meetings and opportunities to get involved.

Join the NPPG

The Northstar Parent Production Group (NPPG) acts as the producing body for all of Westhill Northstar Playmakers' theatrical productions.  We work hard to raise the necessary funds to mount professional-quality presentations that both educate our students and entertain our audiences.  


All are invited to join our Group.  Any help and support you can lend us is extremely appreciated!  Stop in to one of our meetings or reach out to us at any point via email:  Or feel free to call Janice Chaikelson Steinberg at 203-273-0732.

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